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So, what do you take with you to a regular training session? Some people simply rock up to the academy with their gi rolled-up under their arm, others arrive with a huge holdall packed to the brim with enough supplies to scale Everest. For us, we’d say we’re somewhere in the middle!

Here’s a rundown of the essentials we like to pack ahead of a day’s training:

Belt – an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many people forget their belt and are forced to borrow one at the academy!

Towel – Some people like to shower at home, others straight after a session at the academy. For us, it’s always best to hit the shower straight after a session.

Gi – Even if it’s a nogi day we always have a gi in our bag. You never know when you’re going to have an impromptu roll or opportunity to train, so always have a gi ready.

x2 Rashguards – Yeah, that’s right, we said two rashguards. One for jiu jitsu class, the other for any potential gym sessions you may have or to lend to a friend in need.

Gum shield – Some people don’t like them, we love them! Fixing chipped teeth is expensive, wearing a cheap boil-and-bite gum shield isn’t.

Tape – If you’re training hard, you probably want to tape your fingers, toes, wrists or whatever else is aching!

Notepad – Do you take notes after a training session? If you don’t, you should give it a go. Writing down a few notes on events from a training session or goals you have established is a great way to improve.

Flipflops – Because no-one wants to have to keep messing around putting their shoes on when going to the bathroom.

Protein Shake – We like to take in a protein shake straight after training to help with recovery, but any snack/shake straight after training is generally a good idea.

Spare Underwear – If you’ve ever forgotten this vitally important item, you’ll know just how horrible going home in the pair you wore during training can be…

Fight Shorts – Obviously handy for nogi sessions, but also for gym sessions or any other functional training you may do other than BJJ.

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